At the beginning of the New Year in all of our SwimKids locations, we will implement Electronic Registration of children into their Swimming lesson. To enable this process, your child will be given their own personal SwimKEY. This SwimKEY will need to be brought with your child to every single class they attend, to permit them entry into their class.

The Electronic Process works as follows.
The Hostess of each location will be in the lobby of the pool, with a Key Recognition Scanner. On every visit your child’s SwimKEY will be held against the scanner to record their presence in the class. This information is directly transferred in our system to enable the Pool Co-Coordinator via tablet, to have an immediate overview of the pupil presence in the pool. This is a powerful safety system and also helps to reduce paperwork and administration time.

Each SwimKEY is synchronized to an individual child and cannot be transferred to another child. Therefore, if your child does not have their SwimKEY when they arrive for their class, unfortunately they will forgo their class with no refund and the class will be lost. This SwimKEY can be used at all our location and is synchronized with all booked lessons via the system.

One SwimKEY will be given to each child at no extra cost to yourselves. In cases of lost or damaged SwimKEYS, a new one will be given to a child at a cost of €10,-